Aba Express

Aba Express

ABA project offers fast solutions for export and import shipments all over Europe for customers with urgent shipments with its new service. Thanks to this service, which can be used as an alternative to air transportation, our customers are provided with instant information flow to the door-to-door service at much more convenient freight rates.

Our company, which develops a new service for rapid transportation, which is one of the most important elements of transportation in the changing and developing world economy, produces special solutions for its customers with minivan-style vehicles in partial emergency loading.

In transportation between our country and all European countries, according to the region between 18 and 48 hours 17m3 / 1300 kg capacity vehicles can provide optimum service to its customers, so customers can reach the service obtained in aircraft delivery faster and cheaper.

LENGTH : 4.00 m
WIDTH : 1.78 m
HEIGHT: 1.95 m
WEIGHT :1250 kg

LENGTH : 4.35 m
WIDTH : 2.10 m
HEIGHT: 2.10 m
WEIGHT :1250 kg