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Aba Project Line

ABA project,which is an international Road Transport and organization, has taken its place in the sector in a short time by providing services in both international transportation and integrated logistics as of its establishment year.With this, it does not suffice to determine the needs that are constantly followed by its work in the field of business development and renew itself accordingly.

ABA project, especially during the organization of non-Gabari products and block transportation projects, cost calculation,road routes,road permits received on the route,as well as providing consultancy services to its customers in addition to providing the joint share of the most reliable transport with minimum costs to organize.

Besides project transportation,general cargo provides LTL,FTL and express transportation services,especially between Turkey-Europe, Euro-Turkey and the fastest and most convenient service.Again, they are making it from Europe to the Middle East countries 3.it also offers alternative services to its customers with country shipments.

Apart from these countries, Balkan countries, Turkic Republic countries, Scandinavian countries, Russia, Ukraine, has expanded its service network with complete and partial services.

ABA project adopts the social impact as well as the economy of the countries it is working in and adopts the principle of keeping customer satisfaction at the highest levels according to the Customs and traditions of the country.By supporting the use of the green motor vehicle in the framework of nature protection,it is aware of its mission to leave a healthier and cleaner world to the new generations.


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